Given the need for rapid responses, decision-making processes must be simple and transparent. Meet the ACTIVE 24 management.

Martina Pohořelická, marketing manager

Martina Pohořelická

Martina spent at ACTIVE 24, formerly Globe Internet ltd, most of her professional life. Thanks to that, she is very familiar with web hosting business. After spending six years on maternity leave, she worked at ACTIVE 24 marketing department as a product and project manager in previous years. She earned the reputation of a demanding and sometimes insistent colleague.

She is not accustomed to leave the opportunities that she faces in her life without attention. And so she understands the marketing department management as a challenge, everyday adventure and a great responsibility as well. Despite that, her colleagues and friends would propably identify her as a rather complicated personality, she loves simple and elegant solutions.

Tomáš Hála,  security and IT operations manager

Tomáš Hála

Tomáš graduated in computer science from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering on Czech Technical University. He joined ACTIVE 24 in 2007 as a Linux administrator. He had been leading our Linux team since 2009 and now he is in charge of all operations department and the safety and development of services.

Safety is considered his priority and an endless learning process, transmitting knowledge to real operation and education of people working with technology. He is keen on new technologies, yet in their deployment in practice, he rather proceeds conservatively.

In his spare time he is devoted mainly to his large family, does recreational sports, and last but not least, he likes geocaching.

Michal Foist, customer support manager

Michal Foist

Michal is a native of the Chodsko border region, and hence the border-guarding features of his character are apparent. Some of our existing clients can already remember him from the customer support, which he has been working with since 1998. He has extensive experience in the field.
In ACTIVE24 he led a customer support team for foreign clients, then participated in several years in the implementation of the company's core internal projects, and from March 2013 he helds the position of Customer Support Manager. He smphasis on teamwork and quality internal communication. His clear goal is the satisfaction of our customers and team of colleagues.In his free time, he is the father of the family, husband, musician, pilot, air model and enthusiastic amateur cynologist.

Pavel Mattivi,  development manager

Pavel Mattivi

Pavel was born in Nový Jičín and after his elementary school he began to study SPSE with a focus on software development, which clearly predetermined his next steps. He started freelancing and developed custom SW in western Europe.
He joined ACTIVE 24 in 2007, thanks to his experience he helds the position of Development Manager. His main role in ACTIVE 24 is the sustainable development of the information network. He emphasizes openness to new technologies and procedures, simplicity and efficiency.

He spends his free time with his family, enjoys fishing, he is engaged in aquaristics and electrotechnics.